With our DNA tested in accordance with Thai standard to ensure the authentic

of Thai Hom Mali, the product is processed through our world class manufacturing facilities and orderly recorded to ensure the food’s origin can be traceable to the group of our happy farmers.  You can rest assured that the sustainable farming has been delivered straight from farm to table and that it has truly become “Your Choice of Perfect Meals”.



Sustainable rice from Thai farmer by Royal Umbrella Rice

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Thai Hom Mali Rice




Royal Umbrella Rice

Phayao province

Roi Et province

Yasothon province

Sisaket province

Surin province

Burirum province

在推廣可持續性農業生產茉莉香米項 目,不僅有四色菊府及益梭通府的農 民網絡參與,也延伸至素輦府、武里 南府、黎逸府和帕夭府的農民網絡。 在品質控制、食品安全及溫室氣體 減排方面也得到了認可。

The project on Sustainability Agriculture Promotion of Hom Mali Rice Production is not only participated by the farmers' network in Si Sa Ket and Yasothon provinces, the farmers' network is also extended to Surin, Buriram, Roi Et and Phayao provinces. It has also been recognized for Quality Control, Food Safety, and Greenhouse gas emission reduction.

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